Expert Travel Predictions For 2009

2008 will be remembered by many as the most challenging year since the aftermath of the September 11th attacks. More than just one factor, travel experts were juggling multiple themes during the past year including weakening consumer demand, skyrocketing fuel costs, and US Dollar weakness against the Euro and other major currencies. The only constant that seems to remain as we enter the New Year is continued and more systemic global economic turndown which will likely continue well into 2009. Considering the lightning speed which has characterized many of the changes witnessed during 2008, it might be overly ambitious to attempt to predict the likely scenarios in 2009. Nevertheless, here’s my best shot at what we might be seeing in the near future:

1. Continued Downward Pricing Pressure – So much of the travel industry is energy dependent that it was a wonder that prices continued to fall last year even with record high oil prices. The precipitous fall in energy gave further impetus to the downward price trends which are prevalent throughout the economy. Travel suppliers, cruise and otherwise, recognize the interdependence between room counts and secondary income streams and will reduce prices to record low levels to ensure high occupancy. This radical price reduction is most apparent in the cruise industry and in resort cities such as Las Vegas, where visitor expenditures place such a key part in the profit formula.

2. Government Tourist Office Intervention – Various countries and regions will create and advertise massive incentives to entice tourists to visit their respective areas. These incentives will not be isolated to third world venues such as the Caribbean but will include Europe and Canada as well. Every visitor staying a specified period of time will be eligible for the government based bonus packages.

3. Dollar Strengthens – As the banks of the other major industrial nations reduce their interest rates to spur lending and economic activity, the dollar will rise. Some predict that the US Dollar and Euro will be at par in 2009. European tourism will benefit from a stronger dollar.

4. Economic Uncertainty Fuels Late Booking Trend– The trend of late bookings which has been growing in recent years will reach a crescendo in 2009. The late booking trend will force suppliers into even greater price reductions to fill space and the traveling public will be trained to wait for the lowest price. Additional cruise capacity planned years ahead for a brighter economic scenario will further exacerbate the problem. More cruise ships will be relocated to other geographic areas such as the Middle East, Orient, and South America in an attempt to find greater demand and higher revenue.

5. Obama Presidency Re-Establishes US Prestige – Obama presidency to increase popularity of US as a tourist destination barring a series of Bush-like missteps, Obama’s global popularity will encourage US tourism. The love affair between the US and much of the rest of the world will be renewed.

6. Reconciliation Begins With Cuba – A multitude of factors both within Cuba itself and in the US result in an opening which will eventually lead to the end of the isolation and embargo in place since the early 1960s. When Cuba finally opens, the cruise industry in particular will be the primary initial beneficiary of the huge pent up demand which exists.

Prestige Travel Systems Scam – Is it One?

If someone has told you that there is a Prestige Travel System Scam, you have been scammed. The company has been around for many years, and it is a legitimate home business. You join the company and then pay about thirty dollars a month to maintain your position with the company so that you can benefit from the travel deals. You also have to earn a minimum of $100 per year to maintain your eligibility for the next year.

Members of Prestige then market the travel benefits and business opportunity to others to make money. For people that love traveling, it is an ideal business. It is also a great business if you have many friends that travel a lot.

However, with the economy in serious decline, there may be better opportunities out there for people looking to start a home business. When people are worried about losing their job or not being able to maintain their lifestyle, they may not be impressed with the potential of travel discounts when they cannot afford to travel.

If you are looking for a home business to start because you are in a hurry to make a lot of money, you should look for businesses that have a very compelling product that many people want now. If you can market compelling products that people are looking for, even in rough economic times, you can build a very profitable business.

When you look for a home business, the compelling nature of the product is very important. You should ask many questions about the product. Is it a product that people will seek out? Is it a product that people will use? Will the product fulfill a common need for many? If the product is so compelling that its consumers will share the product with others, then it may be a great home business opportunity.

You should also check out the company to make sure it will be around for a while. If it is a new company, you need to make sure that it is well financed and check out the track record of the owners. If the company is solid financially and the owners have a history of success, then it should be safe for you to join. There is no Prestige Travel System scam, but your success with Prestige will depend on your efforts and ability to effectively market the business to your prospects. If you believe that you can find many people that want to save money on travel, it may be for you.

Limousines – A Perfect Way to Travel Comfortably

The automobile industry has so many cars on display for its innumerable customers from all walks of life. However, one car that stands apart in this race is the limousine. Chic, stylish, elegant and at the same time equally comfortable that is exactly how one can define a limousine.

At one time the limousine was a car made for the rich and the famous. It was not just a car but more than just that. Owning a limousine simply meant prestige and pride. The style and elegance along with the class and the prestige personified it totally. To this day no other car has managed to get the popularity that the limousine has.

Categorized under the luxury vehicle, this car has managed to retain its charm to this day and is a favorite among all age groups. The limousine is the hearts throb of every occasion then be it a birthday or a wedding or maybe important business travel. No matter what the occasion this car is worth every penny paid. However, now any one can fulfill having the limousine for their special occasion as one need not buy the vehicle. All one needs to do is simply hire one from the dealers.

These cars are now available for every occasion and can be rented according to one’s convenience and budget. The stretch limousines are quite a favorite with a lot of people. This vehicle has the lengthened wheelbase and is mostly chauffeured by a driver. Many people traveling prefer to use this luxury vehicle because it’s not just the style factor but also extremely comfortable.

One can rent the limousine from the car service agents. However, it must be borne in mind that the vehicle rented is from a registered agency. Another important thing to note is that these lanky vehicles need to be booked before hand and cannot be rented like the taxis.