Limousines – A Perfect Way to Travel Comfortably

The automobile industry has so many cars on display for its innumerable customers from all walks of life. However, one car that stands apart in this race is the limousine. Chic, stylish, elegant and at the same time equally comfortable that is exactly how one can define a limousine.

At one time the limousine was a car made for the rich and the famous. It was not just a car but more than just that. Owning a limousine simply meant prestige and pride. The style and elegance along with the class and the prestige personified it totally. To this day no other car has managed to get the popularity that the limousine has.

Categorized under the luxury vehicle, this car has managed to retain its charm to this day and is a favorite among all age groups. The limousine is the hearts throb of every occasion then be it a birthday or a wedding or maybe important business travel. No matter what the occasion this car is worth every penny paid. However, now any one can fulfill having the limousine for their special occasion as one need not buy the vehicle. All one needs to do is simply hire one from the dealers.

These cars are now available for every occasion and can be rented according to one’s convenience and budget. The stretch limousines are quite a favorite with a lot of people. This vehicle has the lengthened wheelbase and is mostly chauffeured by a driver. Many people traveling prefer to use this luxury vehicle because it’s not just the style factor but also extremely comfortable.

One can rent the limousine from the car service agents. However, it must be borne in mind that the vehicle rented is from a registered agency. Another important thing to note is that these lanky vehicles need to be booked before hand and cannot be rented like the taxis.

Travel Nurse the Non-Traditional Way

With changes in the economy came changes in the way health care is provided. Many people have chosen to wait to have elective surgeries. Finance conscience individuals are utilizing health care services more only when absolutely necessary. As a result of these changes in consumer health care habits, health care facilities have changed the way they provide services. Down sizing has hit the health care industry like a sledge hammer. Diminishing hospital census’ demand decreases in hospital staffing or at least reduced hours for regular staffers. Thus is born a decreased need for travel nurses.

Travel nursing, however, is still a viable option for a nurse with a little ingenuity. Health care is still very much a necessity in our society. A nurse with options can still find suitable, constant employment and enjoy travel as an added benefit. Here are some ways to increase your travel nurse options.

Relocate for one year at a time.
The traditional travel nurse assignment generally runs an average of three months. Consider working for local non-travel agencies a year at a time. You can relocate on your own. Have more locations to choose from. Year to year relocation also alleviates the “Will I find another assignment?” blues every three months.

Vary your area of specialty.
Specialty nursing does carry prestige, however can limit the number of opportunities available. Broaden your fields of experience and you become more valuable to more facilities. A nurse who doesn’t feel that any particular area of nurse related health care is beneath them will find more opportunities to travel and may also find new areas of interest not before considered.

Choose local agencies in a geographical area of interest to you.
Choose area of geographical interest to where you would like to travel. Some have been known to travel the north-eastern or north-western states in the summer months to beat the heat and then migrate south and west in the winters to flee the snow and cold. Many times this arrangement has appeal to agencies as they will have sufficient coverage as their regular staff submit their vacation request. Consider signing up with local nursing agencies that staff regionally. Many local agencies staff several states and can assign placement in those states where you have current license. Combine this with a multi-state license, (see below), and your value as a nurse increases to a local agency. For Bayada Nurses Agency have offices in nineteen states of which eight are in compact states. Excel Staffing Services Inc provides staffing in seventeen states of which eight are also compact states.

Consider camp nursing.
Get expanded experience by working during your vacation from your regular job as a camp nurse. There are many summer camp opportunities that may have been overlooked by the conventional thinking nurse. Naturally there the well known kids camps. Then there are also many specialty health related camps, i.e. diabetes, weight loss, and special needs camps. There are sports camps. Music camps. Religious camps. The number of specialty camps is unlimited. Many camps include tuition for camp aged children of the working nurse as part of the contractual package.

Obtain a multi-state nursing license.
There are twenty-three states that are part of a nursing compact. Obtaining a nursing license in any one of these states will entitle you to work in any of the other twenty-two states without having to obtain an additional license. This makes you more available at a moments notice to be able to relocate and thus more appealing to agencies that need a nurse on short notice. The main requirement to qualify for this type of license is that you must become a resident of the licensing state. This should only prove a small requirement for the true traveler. For more information visit the Nurse Licensure Compact Administrators (NLCA) website at

If travel nursing is your desire, don’t let the current economy serve as an excuse not to go. Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves yet only take a small amount of initiative to make them productive. Show prospective employers your worth by presenting situations and opportunities that they themselves and other nurses may not have noted. You will be richly rewarded by constant employment and varied travel opportunities.

Where to Find the Right MLM Travel Programs

Everyone loves to travel, even those that don’t have the finances still dream about vacations. Which makes MLM travel companies a very competitive market. However, if you can find the right one above all the others that is unique and trustworthy, you can make a mint in these types of companies.

So where exactly can you find MLM travel programs? Well, if all else fails, just Google it, but that would be too easy of an answer. Its not so much as finding them per say, but finding one that is going to make you profitable is probably more what your looking for overall.

Some of the industry is a bit confusing for people who want a new home based business with an MLM travel program. Mostly due in part to the interest in becoming a travel agent. Many believe you have to have a license to sell vacations, and its just not true.

There are programs that allow you to own your own MLM travel business website and just attract other people to it. They handle all the vacation itinerary. You just pay either a monthly fee to host the site, or a one time fee and thats it, receiving your own discounts on vacations purchased by yourself and family.

The only thing besides attracting others to your website is to bring people into the company. If you can do both of these things, you will make money in the MLM travel business. Start with MLM directories if your having a hard time finding one.

For example purposes, Your Travel Biz or better known as YTB has become pretty well known throughout the social networking communities and Google AdSense advertising links. It’s a MLM travel company that hits both sides of the spectrum, offering those that want to purchase an online travel agency ($450) and also just to be reps which is free.

Obviously, there is a lot more to YTB, but that is up to you to do the research and find out all you can about something your interested in. A few more that will be of interest to you include but are not limited too; Prestige Travel Systems ($125) and HomeTravelAgency (free). If you still feel you can’t get a grip on the MLM travel business you want, then hit the social networking communities.

It is important to note that any Travel Company or any company for that matter can go belly up. I was in a company a while back called Guardian International Travel. The owner of the company Swainson Hawke promised us the world. So I build a downline of 6,200 paying Charter Members within about 24 months. I got paid OK within the first 2 years, but eventually the company went belly up and stopped paying anyone. The problem with GIT though was that it is just a start-up company.

Especially hit business networking communities like DirectMatches, LinkedIn, and many others where people post their business information. Just do a search within the website and there are sure to be many that surface. There is nothing better than taking a vacation after a long working year. Hopefully, if this type of industry intrigues you, there is a possibility you can help others take theirs.