Prestige Travel Systems Scam – Is it One?

If someone has told you that there is a Prestige Travel System Scam, you have been scammed. The company has been around for many years, and it is a legitimate home business. You join the company and then pay about thirty dollars a month to maintain your position with the company so that you can benefit from the travel deals. You also have to earn a minimum of $100 per year to maintain your eligibility for the next year.

Members of Prestige then market the travel benefits and business opportunity to others to make money. For people that love traveling, it is an ideal business. It is also a great business if you have many friends that travel a lot.

However, with the economy in serious decline, there may be better opportunities out there for people looking to start a home business. When people are worried about losing their job or not being able to maintain their lifestyle, they may not be impressed with the potential of travel discounts when they cannot afford to travel.

If you are looking for a home business to start because you are in a hurry to make a lot of money, you should look for businesses that have a very compelling product that many people want now. If you can market compelling products that people are looking for, even in rough economic times, you can build a very profitable business.

When you look for a home business, the compelling nature of the product is very important. You should ask many questions about the product. Is it a product that people will seek out? Is it a product that people will use? Will the product fulfill a common need for many? If the product is so compelling that its consumers will share the product with others, then it may be a great home business opportunity.

You should also check out the company to make sure it will be around for a while. If it is a new company, you need to make sure that it is well financed and check out the track record of the owners. If the company is solid financially and the owners have a history of success, then it should be safe for you to join. There is no Prestige Travel System scam, but your success with Prestige will depend on your efforts and ability to effectively market the business to your prospects. If you believe that you can find many people that want to save money on travel, it may be for you.

The Pros and Cons of Airline Travelling

There are already many modes of transportation in today’s highly modernized world. Aircrafts, ships, motorcycles, cars, trains, just name it and they are all readily available for your use. The development of this transportation vehicles began a long time ago and you can just imagine how creative and intelligent these inventors were for they were able to come up with a very useful invention.

As you all know, cars and other vehicles from the past are considered vintage and has a very high value. People especially the rich ones love to collect vintage cars because of their uniqueness, their exquisite design and because of the prestige that one gets when owning one.

Another fascinating creation that you can all see right now are the different aircraft. For sure, every individual dreamed of being able to fly and reach the skies. Inventors of airplanes and other aircraft must have had dreamt too of being able to fly that is why they have created a machine that will make their dreams come true.

Airplanes are one of the sought after modes of transportation by many individuals. Why? Because it has the capacity to travel and reach the desired destination in a fast pace. Professionals use airplanes as their means of transportation when they want they are in a hurry. Airline seats are limited that is why the need to book for a ticket weeks or days before the desired departure date is a must. This can be a hassle on an individual’s part if you really want to get to the destination fast and easy, then travelling by air is the right decision to make.

Travelling by air has advantages and disadvantages. It is important to know the different advantages and disadvantages of the goods and services that we purchase that way we will be able to carefully make a decision and in order for our money not to go to a waste.

One advantage of travelling by air is the convenience. The speed of travel makes it very convenient for many individuals who are in a rush. It can take you to other countries in a fast pace without exerting too much. The speed is just the same when you use an air taser to immobilize an attacker. Fast and very convenient. Booking for a flight is easily made through a phone call or through the help of the world wide web. Comfort is another advantage. Airline companies will ensure their passengers comfort especially when it comes to the seats, entertainment and the temperature that it would just feel like you are sitting in your own living room.

You are also assured of your safety as well. When you think about it, the incidents of plane accidents are less as compared to cars and trains. Another thing is that, pilots and other aviation crew and staff are not allowed to fly the plane when the weather is not good or when the plane needs to undergo maintenance check.

Among the disadvantages is that the tickets are expensive. That is why booking for a flight is important. You can purchase tickets easily through the online ticket shops. Buying tickets is just the same as when you buy a taser online. Your complete identification is required to make the transaction fast. Airline travelling is not also suitable for people having fear of flying. But the only way to overcome their fear is to expose themselves to the fear itself.

Airline companies and airports are already becoming strict as of this point. They are really doing their best to protect the passengers from any harm and danger. It is really up to the individual as to which mode of transportation he will avail just as long as he reaches to the desired destination safe and free from harm.

Where to Find the Right MLM Travel Programs

Everyone loves to travel, even those that don’t have the finances still dream about vacations. Which makes MLM travel companies a very competitive market. However, if you can find the right one above all the others that is unique and trustworthy, you can make a mint in these types of companies.

So where exactly can you find MLM travel programs? Well, if all else fails, just Google it, but that would be too easy of an answer. Its not so much as finding them per say, but finding one that is going to make you profitable is probably more what your looking for overall.

Some of the industry is a bit confusing for people who want a new home based business with an MLM travel program. Mostly due in part to the interest in becoming a travel agent. Many believe you have to have a license to sell vacations, and its just not true.

There are programs that allow you to own your own MLM travel business website and just attract other people to it. They handle all the vacation itinerary. You just pay either a monthly fee to host the site, or a one time fee and thats it, receiving your own discounts on vacations purchased by yourself and family.

The only thing besides attracting others to your website is to bring people into the company. If you can do both of these things, you will make money in the MLM travel business. Start with MLM directories if your having a hard time finding one.

For example purposes, Your Travel Biz or better known as YTB has become pretty well known throughout the social networking communities and Google AdSense advertising links. It’s a MLM travel company that hits both sides of the spectrum, offering those that want to purchase an online travel agency ($450) and also just to be reps which is free.

Obviously, there is a lot more to YTB, but that is up to you to do the research and find out all you can about something your interested in. A few more that will be of interest to you include but are not limited too; Prestige Travel Systems ($125) and HomeTravelAgency (free). If you still feel you can’t get a grip on the MLM travel business you want, then hit the social networking communities.

It is important to note that any Travel Company or any company for that matter can go belly up. I was in a company a while back called Guardian International Travel. The owner of the company Swainson Hawke promised us the world. So I build a downline of 6,200 paying Charter Members within about 24 months. I got paid OK within the first 2 years, but eventually the company went belly up and stopped paying anyone. The problem with GIT though was that it is just a start-up company.

Especially hit business networking communities like DirectMatches, LinkedIn, and many others where people post their business information. Just do a search within the website and there are sure to be many that surface. There is nothing better than taking a vacation after a long working year. Hopefully, if this type of industry intrigues you, there is a possibility you can help others take theirs.