Travel and Nursing – The Best Combination

To become a travelling nurse is the ultimate goal and job of all those nurses who love to take care of people in need and at the same time have that insatiable desire to go to other places on Earth. To make this dream of a lifetime come to fruition, all these nursing professionals have to do is to get ion touch of nursing agencies and ask them to have them placed in another country so that they can practice their nursing skills and profession and have the chance to go see a different country as well. As nursing professionals, these nurses have the option of either working on a short term period or on a long term basis. When this happens, these nursing professionals also have the chance of collecting memories of these travels. So it is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Travelling nurse has now become a much known type of nursing in the medical field the world over. Not only do these nursing professionals get to travel but they have the ability of acquiring a wealth of experience in their profession by working in different countries with different people who practice different cultures. They get the chance to choose the country they want to work in and enjoy the perks of travelling. This will offer these nursing professionals to add to the prestige of their resumes and working experience. Travelling nurses is really an attractive occupation because it allows the nurses to realize two of their dreams – to help people who are in need and to get to see places some people only dream of going to. Now if you are one of those nurses concerned by these dreams, you may have to keep in mind some important things.

What to do
The first thing you should do if you want to realize your dreams of practicing your nursing career and travelling to different places is make sure that the agency you are in contact with is a legitimate agency and not a fly by night one. You even have to double check all the things they are offering. This is just to make sure that you do not get mislead with what they are offering. See for yourself how great a chance is their offer for you and if you could turn it into a stepping stone.

For you to turn it into a stepping stone to make your career grow, you have to find out the real reasons why there are such offers. There are some nurses who when they find job vacancies abroad immediately grab the opportunity without even looking into it. This new nursing profession, travelling nurse, is a very satisfying occupation as this is the type of work wherein one can command the respect, confidence and trust of the people under their care while giving everything they do all their effort.

There are boundless things that a travelling nurse can gain. The most notable of all would be the experience of working abroad. Not to mention the higher financial benefits.

Expert Travel Predictions For 2009

2008 will be remembered by many as the most challenging year since the aftermath of the September 11th attacks. More than just one factor, travel experts were juggling multiple themes during the past year including weakening consumer demand, skyrocketing fuel costs, and US Dollar weakness against the Euro and other major currencies. The only constant that seems to remain as we enter the New Year is continued and more systemic global economic turndown which will likely continue well into 2009. Considering the lightning speed which has characterized many of the changes witnessed during 2008, it might be overly ambitious to attempt to predict the likely scenarios in 2009. Nevertheless, here’s my best shot at what we might be seeing in the near future:

1. Continued Downward Pricing Pressure – So much of the travel industry is energy dependent that it was a wonder that prices continued to fall last year even with record high oil prices. The precipitous fall in energy gave further impetus to the downward price trends which are prevalent throughout the economy. Travel suppliers, cruise and otherwise, recognize the interdependence between room counts and secondary income streams and will reduce prices to record low levels to ensure high occupancy. This radical price reduction is most apparent in the cruise industry and in resort cities such as Las Vegas, where visitor expenditures place such a key part in the profit formula.

2. Government Tourist Office Intervention – Various countries and regions will create and advertise massive incentives to entice tourists to visit their respective areas. These incentives will not be isolated to third world venues such as the Caribbean but will include Europe and Canada as well. Every visitor staying a specified period of time will be eligible for the government based bonus packages.

3. Dollar Strengthens – As the banks of the other major industrial nations reduce their interest rates to spur lending and economic activity, the dollar will rise. Some predict that the US Dollar and Euro will be at par in 2009. European tourism will benefit from a stronger dollar.

4. Economic Uncertainty Fuels Late Booking Trend– The trend of late bookings which has been growing in recent years will reach a crescendo in 2009. The late booking trend will force suppliers into even greater price reductions to fill space and the traveling public will be trained to wait for the lowest price. Additional cruise capacity planned years ahead for a brighter economic scenario will further exacerbate the problem. More cruise ships will be relocated to other geographic areas such as the Middle East, Orient, and South America in an attempt to find greater demand and higher revenue.

5. Obama Presidency Re-Establishes US Prestige – Obama presidency to increase popularity of US as a tourist destination barring a series of Bush-like missteps, Obama’s global popularity will encourage US tourism. The love affair between the US and much of the rest of the world will be renewed.

6. Reconciliation Begins With Cuba – A multitude of factors both within Cuba itself and in the US result in an opening which will eventually lead to the end of the isolation and embargo in place since the early 1960s. When Cuba finally opens, the cruise industry in particular will be the primary initial beneficiary of the huge pent up demand which exists.

Choosing Travelling Bags

Suitcases and Travelling Bags

The first thing you need to consider when you plan to travel is to how to pack and get ready for the trip. When buying suitcases and travel bags, we have to take into considerations such as how long will you be travelling and to ensure all our necessary stuff is all packed up neat and nice.

Most of us will just go to the nearest mall and look for the best bargain without even considering other important stuff such as the weight of the suitcases, trolleys and the mobility of the wheels. It also depends on the mode of travelling whether you will be flying from one destination to the other, driving from one place to the other, or will there be a lot of walking and hiking around.

The weight of the suitcases and travel bags really matters especially when airlines have tight baggage rules. Not all airlines have the same policies and they might change the policies anytime without notice. Normally, airlines allow from 50 to 70 pounds but airlines have increased restrictions and decreased travel bags allowance a lot and incur higher charges if you exceed the allowable weight.

However, the ones least affected are those travelling on business, executive, first class airfares and top frequent flyer programs who have opportunity to enjoy more flexibility with luggage allowances. Generally the rule for domestic flights are you can check 3 bags and carry none, or check one bag and carry-on two or check 2 bags and carry-on one. Take note that checked bags cannot exceed 50 or 70 pounds depending on the airlines and the dimensions must not exceed 45″x 55″x 62″ for the largest bag while the second largest travel bag cannot have a dimension exceeds 55″ and the third must not exceed 45″. The carry on suitcases and travel bags must fit in an overhead compartment or fit under the seat and total weight of all carry-on bags cannot exceed 40 pounds on some airlines. A suitcase is considered one carry-one bag but a typical sized woman’s purse is not considered.

Choosing Suitcases and Travel Bags

  • You have to find out the climate of the destination and also weather forecast for the period you will be staying. That will help you to decide what kind of clothing should mainly be in your travel bags.
  • There are models designed come with trolleys, holder and wheels. Choose one that is made out of a resistant material and has an adjustable holder. The best is with various pockets on the sideways and comes with a label for the owner’s name.
  • Consider the size and the weight of the suitcase that has wheels which support the weight and work well, otherwise you will be trudging all the weight along if easily broken. Same goes for the handles, something durable and easy to grab and pull along.
  • Ask for warranty period from the salesperson. Some suitcases and travel bags come with a lifetime warranty which make things much easier. The travel bags condition can be easily replaced if faced with broken handle, ripped zip or wheels.
  • It is always better to be safe than sorry so always look for suitcases and travel bags that have safe locking mechanism. Valuables can be stolen at the airport, at lockers or even when you are busy enjoying yourself during the holiday.
  • Choose suitcase that reflects your personality as it will last over a much longer period than your ordinary handbags. Make sure it provides the right value for money and a brand that gives you the quality, style and prestige value associated with the brand name such as Samsonite, Briggs and Riley.